Fifty Fathoms of Adventure

Characters in this Adventure
Edward Marlow played by Sean
Blix by Leo
Spider-Crab played by Gavin
Tuleo “Samson” played by Tommy

The Adventure

Having either killed or captured the Slavers, the crew now awaits the return of Blix to find out what to do with the 3 captured Slavers. It is not long before Blix returns with a band of eight Spaniards to investigate.

The Spaniards had learned a little of what transpired from Blix but now that they were there, they asked to speak with the captives. Edward explained to them that they had three captured men and had already attempted to talk with them. From their interrogation, they knew that one of the men was willing to confess if he was not sentenced to death. Another man was one the edge it seemed at being willing to talk, but the third guy was completely close mouthed.

After listening to the crew, the Spaniards then speak with each of the potential slavers alone. Not sure if they could trust the investigators, Spider-Crab, Blix and Edward attempt to listen through the doors but they are not able to hear anything of importance when listening. The Spaniards come out simply asking to see the next Slaver. Again, the same thing happens with the three listening to the crew through the door, but again no meaningful information was gleaned. It sounded like a normal interrogation but when the Spaniards communicated with each other, Blix could tell they were speaking in a different language.

Having finished their talks with the first two slavers, only one remained. Again, the same procedure but Blix found a great spot to listen and were able to hear almost everything that was said. It again sounded like a normal interrogation but the individual was not willing to cooperate at all. He even began using less than proper language while issuing insults to the investigators. The investigators, at least as far as Blix could tell, maintained a cordial enough attitude and tried repeatedly to have the slaver admit to his crime and he would be shown some leniency for his crimes. Still the uncouth man would not admit and even started taunting the Spaniards. The Spaniards paused to talk in their language that Blix couldn’t understand.

They discussed for only a matter of 20 or 30 seconds before there was a resounding “Bang” inside of the hold. At this point the Spaniards exited and said that they would like to have to have the crew and slaves come with them to the embassy and there they would receive the note for their reward and get everything squared away.

The Spanish Guild’s men also asked for the Spaniard crewman to accompany the group, so the ship was left with just the crabs and Stewart to guard while the rest went to the guild. There they too were separated and questioned about what had occurred. During these talks, the letter that was given to Edward was taken into custody as evidence. In the end a letter was written and sealed in wax to be given to the guild in New Madrid, Edward and the crew was not close enough to see the letter being written, so were unaware of what it actually said. They were told that New Madrid held the reserves for rewards about such endeavors but if they didn’t want to go there, they could wait and it could eventually be brought to them.

Edward informed them that he was more than happy to take the letter; after all, their next destination just happened to be in New Madrid. The Captain then asked if there was a reward as well in apprehending the man mentioned in the letter. To this the Spaniard at the desk responded that if they wished to do that, they would need a privateer’s license. He was told, it was frowned upon and could lead to problems if they didn’t fill out the proper paperwork and they might not get the reward or even worse, that they might instead be accused of crimes. He also gave the impression that for a bribe, he would write a letter of recommendation for just such a license.

Edward, catching the man’s hint, provides the man with 30 pieces of eight and the man makes a quick letter which he again seals with wax. Edward was a little more aware this time and made sure to look at what the man was writing. Of course the handwriting was not the best and it also was upside down, but he knew for sure he could make out the words recommend and discount in the letter. Content with this and figuring if he was willing to write a recommendation letter, then the other letter was likely in order as well.

With this the Crew departs and reconvenes aboard their ship where they discuss their next plan of action. The discuss the possibility of going to New Madrid first to receive their reward as well as their privateer’s license but ultimately decide that since their cargo is not perishable and time is of the essence if they wish to be sure to catch Ian O’Connell, they should head to Jomba Town. After all, Edward was sure that if they purchased the license before turning in the man, everything would be ok.

At sea, they traveled uneventfully for many days until after almost a week they noticed a pirate ship. The ship had set its eyes upon them and was in pursuit but the captain, not wishing to waste time or encounter a ship larger than his own, was able to easily outrun the pirates.

A couple of days more pass and then a very dreaded sight was beheld, another swarm of Razor Wings. The beasts were spotted at some distance this time by Blix who was in the crow’s nest. At their sight, he dives straight into the ocean after shouting their location. He didn’t want to be caught up high where he couldn’t move with a flying pack of razors.

Miguel and Stewart fire together at the swarm and one, or maybe both of their shots is able to deal enough damage to cause the creatures to separate into two separate. Edward attempts to follow suit, but his shot goes astray. Blix now starts climbing up the side of the boat again. On his way up he shouts “Shoot the cannon” hoping someone might be able to bring them down with a cannon shot. Spider-Crab, hearing this, runs to a cannon and shoots through another swarm to spread it even thinner.

The swarms now close in but are unable to reach the ship yet. The Captain uses his other gun to shoot and this time hit’s right where he wants, crashing the lead razor wing into the others breaking the swarms apart so that there are now effectively four small swarms closing in.
The razor wings finally close the distance and ready to feast on the party. They swarm Miguel, Equais, and Stewart initially with two swarms focusing on Equais but in the beginning none of the swarms are able to dig into their meal yet. Samson, who is close to the Miguel, charges over to help him with this but he is unable to accomplish anything meaningful. The swarming razors get their next chance to maim and feast, this time with some success. The acting super, Equais, is turned into supper for the Razor wings as their claws and teeth deliver such severe damage to the crab that it proves to be lethal.

Miguel continues to battle the small swarm of Razor Wings on him, beating dropping a few like flies and causing the rest to retreat. Stewart is not as lucky, the nicks and cuts taking their toll and cause the Atani to pause for a moment in pain and fear. The moment is soon passes, and Stewart is able to move again, but not enough to take any actions at the moment.

Samson now rushes over to confront the swarm on Stewart and through is swinging of his giant hammer is able to bat some of the razor wings down to the deck, stunning them temporarily and giving him and Stewart a moment to collect themselves. Blix also attempts to take out the group just shaken by Samson but while he kills a couple, there are still too many swarming to break up the swarm.

Miguel, confident from his last attack attempts to unleash his fury on another swarm but is unable to bring success. Stewart however, having had a moment to rest is able to take out the rest of the shaken swarm that had been on him.

One of the swarms, after apparently liking the taste of the first crab, now swarms Spider-Crab and attempts to feast on his flesh and shell. The swarm’s attacks are not nearly as effective and soon, the crab has the upper hand, having given them pause with his flurry of attacks from his pinchers and hands.

Stewart was the other unfortunate soul to have been attacked by the final swarm after it finished feasting on the Equals’ corpse. Being in the blood frenzy they were, they rip and tear at Stewart, dealing serious enough wounds to drop the frail crewman.

Blows continue to be exchanged, but no party is able to hit or if they do, they don’t land a decisive blow for a few more rounds. Finally though, Samson is able to use his hammer effectively as a flyswatter and bring splattering one swarm quickly followed by Spider-Crab crushing the remaining Razor wings in his vice-grip like pincers.

The wounds on Stewart were luckily only enough to cause him to have fainted the massive sight of all his blood on him. After a little time, he was able to recover from the sight and had soon returned to helping the crew. The dead Equais was left aboard ship for now because they needed proof that they had a super, saving his burial for another day.

Having survived the frenzy of razors, the party continues on an in just a couple of days are able to arrive at Jomba Town. The crew doesn’t want to waste time, so head straight to The Shackles, the larger of the two taverns in town. The crew isn’t subtle and asks directly if anyone is or knows how they could find Ian O’Connell. The patrons don’t seem to know or else aren’t willing to inform the crew and it seems they aren’t going to get anywhere until finally a man comes up to Blix and says he would like him to meet him outside in 5 minutes. He might have some information for him.

Blix does as the man bids and waited five minutes before heading outside to meet him. There the man doesn’t say too much, just tells Blix to follow him. This causes Blix some pause, unsure what to do and unable to gauge if the man is trustworthy, much less going to be useful. After a quick evaluation, he decides, this is the only lead he has and decides to be cautious but follow. The start walking, with the man, who still hasn’t given a name, leads, looking about suspiciously, apparently checking to see if anyone is near or following.

He starts to head to the edge of town but it isn’t long before Blix notices someone else is tailing them. He points this out to the man who says they should go hide behind some of the cottages they are near. Blix, instead of following the man’s lead, decides to turn around and confront his stalker. As he does, the man seems to chicken out and starts to run away, Blix follows and is easily able to catch him.

As soon as Blix has caught the man, he starts yelling, screaming, and just drawing attention; saying that Blix is trying to kidnap him. This gathers a bunch of people in no time and Blix can also make out what appears to be guards coming to investigate as well. Seeing this and having no wish to be apprehended by anyone again, Blix pushes the man into the group of spectators and then walks away before he can be questioned or apprehended.

He is able to see and meet up with the man again, who leads him to a cottage just outside of town. The cottage looks run down and none-too stable, just the sort of place you would expect shady transactions to occur. Here, the man questions Blix about if he had the cargo and the letter. Blix told him the cargo was on the ship, but that he did not have the letter, his captain did. The man told Blix to bring the letter in a couple of hours at sundown to this exact location.

With that Blix and the man depart and the Doreen then making his way toward the ship. It is on the way however that he is by the town’s guards and is stopped for questioning. He tells them that he and the crew were on their way to sell their cargo in New Madrid, having come from made their way from Deiking. The guards then ask to see the captain, which Blix then leads them to.

The crew gathers to talk to Blix and the guards at which time, the Doreen takes the chance to explain that they were had come from Deiking and were heading to New Madrid. The Captain looks confused by what Blix was saying but Samson, not normally one for words, seems to have become more comfortable with talking and takes this time to interject and persuade the guards and Edward that they had come from “Little China”, which people also call Deiking. Edward, finally grasping the situation, agrees and the guards tell them men they should leave by tomorrow at the latest, they don’t wish to have any more trouble from them. Telling the guards they have no plans to stay too long, the guards leave.

Finally having time, Blix then informs Captain Marlow of what had transpired at his meeting with the man from The Shackles. Edward, having read and remembered most of what was contained in the letter, then uses some scraps of parchment that Equais had laying around to forge the letter.

At sundown, with the forged letter in hand, Edward and his crew then make their way to the cottage. There had been discussion (mostly by Blix) to try to take along a cannon in a wagon but that was quickly vetoed by the rest of the crew because they would have a difficult time making a quick escape if that was required unless they wanted to ditch one of their two only cannons. Once at the cottage, the man that Blix had conversed with earlier in the day steps out.

Edward asks who he is, at which the man replies that he is Ian O’Connell. The letter was given and in return, the man gave a map and informed them that map would lead them to both their promised gold as well as the location that they were to drop off the cargo.

Having heard all that he needed to hear, Captain Edward then thanks the man and promptly pulls out his gun to escort Ian back to their boat. As the crew approaches the boat, it is noticed that a flash of light was seen farther up the coastline.

With little information to go on, Blix decides to dive into the water and swim to where he could see a group of two or three people on the coast with appears to be a lantern. It is likely that they were signaling someone or thing, so Blix decided to use his stealth for reconnaissance. While Blix is doing this, the rest of the crew decides to wait for their ship, currently with only Stewart and Miguel to make its way closer to shore. While waiting, Edward and Spider-Crab take this opportunity to use the crab’s ropes to tie up Ian. They also notice at this time, that the light seemed to be a signal to another ship, which is currently making its way toward their ship from farther out at sea.

Stewart takes short time in bring up the ship (he rolled some amazing boating rolls) and the crew is soon back aboard the ship, where they prepare the ship for battle. Blix, at the same time, had made his way over to the group and had been attempting to eavesdrop on their conversation. The group didn’t seem to be talking a lot but what they did talk about how they guy was missing and they wondered if he was going to be ok. After listening for a little bit, without gaining any more information, Blix decides to swim back and join the rest of the group.

Blix is able to join the ship before the battle began. Due to the ship’s positions, Captain Edward is able to keep the other ship from getting in position to fire their cannons, but he at the same time could also not get into position to fire the cannons. Instead Edward had been closing the distance to attempt a forced boarding. When close enough, Edward is able to pull off a splendid maneuver which soon has both ships side-by-side and ropes being released by Blix, as well as Edward to allow the men a chance to board the other ship.

The other ship was a little larger than their little skiff, being a sloop with two masts. Edward is quick to board the other ship and soon the rest of the crew followed. Of course, being the first to set foot on the other ship also mean that Edward was the first to be attacked and oh what an attack it was. Guns blazed and an amazing shot strong enough to drop an elephant (20 damage) was laid into Captain Marlow. The captain however has some amazing luck with him and with the reflexes of a god he dodges the bullet (Adventure Card “Out of the frying pan”). Unbeknownst to him however, that same bullet traveled past him to sever the ropes that were holding Ian captive. The enemy in the Crow’s Nest makes an unfortunate discovery that he hadn’t taken proper care of his pistol and it is now jammed (Adventure Card “Malfunction???”) and he has to make his way to the deck to participate in the fight.

While the rest of the crew was boarding the other ship, Stewart and Miguel stayed about the skiff to fire their pistols at the enemy. Their initial shots are unable to find a target and they are left to reload and attempt again.

Samson, having boarded the enemy sloop, sees his fated enemy the captain who left him for dead on Torath Ka and takes a huge swing which is way to reckless and easily dodged. Spider crab lines up a solid shot with his pistol, taking out one of the enemies. Blix, instead of boarding as the other crewmen had, had jumped overboard to swim underneath and come up to on the opposite side of the boat to attempt to surprise the Crew. His surprise was successful and he quickly closes the distance to surprise and shake one of the two men on Edward.
Spider-Crab shows how at home he is on ships and with the rigging and uses this opportunity to swing easily over to the other ship and like a spider right next to the enemy’s captain as well as two other enemy crewmen. The crab goes wild and lashes out with both his pinchers and hands, snapping ones neck and easily dropping the other as well.

It is at this moment that Ian makes his way to the top of the skiff and surprises Stewart by stabbing the unfortunate Atani with the dagger sending him dying to the skiff’s deck. He then looks to go after the last crewman on the ship, Miguel.

Things are starting to look bad for Edward and his crew. Stewart was just dropped and at the same time, the enemy captain has taken this opportunity to slash Samson mercilessly. The onslaught raises the damage on Samson up to three wounds and is just barely short of ending the savage’s life. More of the enemy’s men shoot and they are able to find join in the onslaught and shake Spider-Crab. Another man runs up to the now shaken crab and is able to deliver a sharp thrust that gets past the tough shell of the crab and brings a near death-blow to the crab (29 damage). The crab however finds his second wind (Adventure Card “Second Wind”) and loses both his wounds and his shaken status. With his renewed vigor, the crab dodges the scoundrels on him and swings his way over to the aid of the Spaniard.

Not wanting to kill the ringleader, the crab makes use of his multiple appendages and engages in a wrestling match with Ian. He is able to gain the upper hand and restrain the struggling Ian until Miguel takes the opportunity to knock him unconscious.

While all of this is happening, the luck turns back in favor of the adventurers after the inspiring feats performed by Spider-Crab. The enemy captain makes a pinpoint attack that would drop any normal man (enemy captain rolled a hit with a raise but then only dealt 4 damage – all 1’s on the roll). Edward and Blix are also able to bring enough cuts and bruises to two more enemy crewmen to shake them and before finally dropping them.

Samson suffers a dirty trick as the captain delivers a devastating kick to the crotch which drops the savage unconscious from all his pain to the deck. Taking this time, and seeing that the tides are not in his favor, the enemy captain takes this time to run and over the side of the ship into the water to make his escape.

Seeing the enemy captain swimming away, Blix jumps into the water in hot pursuit. Both appear to be skilled in the water and are making great speed. Blix however is a little faster and closes the distance to attack at the enemy captain. His dagger however, does not meet get past the tight defenses and instead another dirty trick is instead played on Blix. The enemy captain, in his swim had apparently speared a fish with his cutlass and uses it this time to slice open the intestines, shrouding the water and even hitting the Doreen to cause a distraction. This moment’s distraction was all the time the scoundrel needed to unleash a dreadful attack dealing two wounds to Blix. Unwilling to continue with what was now a definite disadvantage, Blix decided to disengage the enemy. The enemy Captain takes this opportunity to make his escape.

Aboard ships, the final enemy crewmen were being dealt with, Edward relinquishing the life of one unfortunate man and Spider-Crab, who with Miguel’s aid had finished dealing with Ian, now swings his way over to surprise and dispatch the remaining pirate.

It is at this point that the adventure was left until next time.


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