Fifty Fathoms of Adventure

The Adventures Begin

New Beginnings; A Few Ends

Characters in this Adventure

Edward Marlow played by Sean
Carnage played by Noah
Blix by Leo
Pol-ariss played by Gavin
Jean-Baptiste Delacroix played by Tommy

The Adventure

Captain Jonas Abraham was captain of the frigate Rebecca which ran into problems in a storm and had run the ship into a sandbar and ripped a hole into the bottom of the boat. To repair the damage, a group was comprised that included a Scurillian carpenter named Pol-ariss, the Dutch first mate Edward Marlow, a French fire mage bodyguard Jean-Baptiste Delacroix, and a couple of randomly assigned men that included the Kraken healer Carnage and a Doreen scout Blix. This group was sent to find provisions and suitable lumber to patch the boat. While the group does this, the rest of the crew would attempt to careen the ship so it could be fixed with the supplies gathered.

The small group surveyed the surrounding area and a couple of them even climbed some trees to locate suitable locations for provisions and wood. A stream was located with possible trees located inland along it that would be suitable for repairs and so the group set off in that direction.

The group easily made their way to the stream and traveled up the stream. Along the way a couple of the characters (Blix and Pol-ariss) noticed a skiff and had to investigate. Edward acts as if he had seen the skiff all along and quickly “leads” the group to the skiff to better investigate since it had become overgrown by vines making it difficult to tell how intact it was. The curious as ever Pol-ariss checked the crafts condition while Carnage, seemingly uninterested in the vessel but eager to do something, began chopping down a random tree that the first mate Marlow had picked out. The skiff looked functional but did have a hole in the deck and was without a sail or rigging.

In the midst of the noise caused by hacking away at the tree, Blix heard another sound and tells everyone to be quiet while slipping behind some vines to gain the element of surprise should the situation call. The others were not nearly as skilled and were instead taken by surprise as a creature standing nearly 7 feet tall and resembling a yellow velociraptor barrels its way toward the noise and what it likely thought was its upcoming meal. The large yellowback was quickly greeted by shots of muskets. The gun fire couldn’t seem to pierce the hide of the lizard. A blast of fire from Jean-Baptiste was then brought forth and was able to shake the creature as the group descends upon the beast. Blix, in his attempt to sneak through the bushes, made a large amount of noise and was the first to get close to the yellowback but Blix had unfortunately been the opposite of stealthy and instead had the beast ready to make him the its next meal. The claws of the beast were then reared at the Doreen but were unable to faze the Doreen and instead a quick end was brought to the beast. With such a large body Pol-ariss noticed a great opportunity in butchering the creature to secure more provisions. The beast was subsequently butchered and the tree that had been abandoned before it could be chopped down was finished.

The skiff and the freshly cut wood were left to be retrieved at a later time and then the group continued upstream. After a couple of hours the group was able to find the large group of wood that the carpenter believed would be suitable for repairing their ship and so went about procuring it. Finally the group had the lumber needed to repair the ship and devised a plan to get the lumber back as easily as possible. They attached rope lines to the wood floating down the stream and had Leo swim in the lead to direct. The group encountered no difficulties in their downstream journey to the mouth of the stream or their continued trek along the coast toward the ship and crew.

When the group finally got close to the boat, they realized something is wrong. The group couldn’t seem to see or hear any of their fellow crew and the smoke they saw on their approach and presumed were campfires, they realized was much larger than a small campfire would be. The fire was none-other than their ship, which they noted hadn’t been brought any closer to the shore, so was still almost 24 leagues away.

The first mate, Edward, as soon as he sees the fire, complained that the fire mage shouldn’t have started a fire. Jean-Baptiste, with just a quick glance, explained that the fire was poorly made and he would never have done such a horrible job. Of course even with the attempt at humor, the crew had not been idle and had rushed to the boat in an attempt to retrieve any supplies they could from the burning wreckage.

Blix and Carnage were the natural swimmers and so of course arrived first. Carnage climbed directly onto the burning ship, barely making it in time to remove the single sail that hadn’t yet gone up in flames. Blix was a little more cautious and attempted his typical stealth approach underwater. Once on the other side of the ship and scanned the water to locate any other ships and/or creatures but wasn’t able to locate any. Still cautious, he then climbed up and listened for any signs of life on the ship burning ship. He heard a thump but it was difficult to tell what and where it was from, so he waited a little longer to locate the cause. His patience pays off and he is able to make out labored or panicked breaths and after he followed them was able to find a single crew member that had gone into hiding. Blix immediately recognized him as Stewart and attempted to question him as to the who, what, and when. He was able to get out of him that it was the Red Men natives who had attacked. As soon as Stewart had seen them, he being young and not particularly brawny, hid himself. At about this point in his story, he started to finally look around and suddenly noticed that the ship was on fire, at which point he screamed and attempted to inform Blix of the obvious. Blix, realizing the obvious threat was the fire and that the Red Men were likely long gone, told Stewart too calm down and head to shore. Stewart, who was more than a little afraid, told him “No way, I’m staying here with you. I don’t want to be by myself!” Blix, who seemed to have used up all of his patience, told Stewart to calm down and once again to head to shore, Carnage was in the water and he could follow him. Not willing to waste more time, Blix then turned Stewart around and kicked him right off the edge of the ship and into the water.

While all of that was happening Edward Marlow, who had taken a little longer, headed directly to the captain’s quarters and attempted to find anything useful. He scanned searched but could find none of the captain’s loot or anything valuable except some of the maps that would be useful for navigation.

Pol-ariss headed straight for the hole in the ship and decided to enter there so he could wind up inside with what should have been the cargo and cannons. The interior was partially filled with water and all of the cargo had already been removed. There were still a few cannons, some cannonballs, and a few kegs of black-powder that remained. Having decided that the fire might render the cannons unusable, Pol-ariss then attempted to dislodge one and sent it through the hole. He the then grabbed a single keg of black powder and swam right back out the hole he had come in. It was at this time that Jean-Baptiste, who was a slower swimmer and who also, had climbed up the ship before he made his way below past the ever-growing fire, arrived. Jean-Baptiste then followed the same thought process as Pol-ariss and arrived at the same conclusion. He attempted and made an amazing feat of strength, shoving two cannons at once right out of the hole and down to the ocean bed. He then also grabbed a keg of black powder and attempted to swim out the whole instead of going back through the fire-filled boat with a keg of black powder. The swim was tiring and Jean-Baptiste was soon running out of air, especially with fighting a keg that kept trying to pull him up to the top of the sea next to a burning ship. As hard as he tried though, he could not get far enough away from the ship full of flames and instead had to release the keg. He attempted at this point to swim for safely and was able to escape from the blast a little but not far enough. The water cushioned the blow some, so that he is only knocked the Frenchman into the seafloor enough to cause 1 wound. After he regained his senses and before he lost all strength from holding his breath underwater, he heads back to shore.

Blix had, after dealing with Stewart, abandoned the ship and was swimming back to shore when he noticed the Scurillian Pol-ariss and the cannon on the ocean floor. Knowing that they would eventually need to be brought to shore, Blix had already started pulling one of the cannons away from the ship. He had a rough time pulling it along the bottom of the sea bed but had just barely pulled the cannon far enough away to keep from being caught inside the blast radius of the black powder keg.

Carnage, after having grabbed the sails had grabbed some rigging as well and both he and Edward gathered any other supplies they could find not yet in flames. They were just arriving at the beach where Pol-ariss and Stewart already were, when the explosion occurred. Seeing the injured Jean-Baptiste had appeared, and seeming to have forgotten about the Doreen, they gathered on the beach to decide what to do next.

Their first order of business was to heal Jean-Baptiste, the only one injured. Next they went about discussing which really ended up as an argument amongst themselves. The main topic was the battle of persuasion between Carnage and Edward over who should be the next captain. They planned to leave the others behind because they were most likely dead and even though Stewart believed they should go investigate to see if the captain and crew were alright (he seemed have some guilt over not having helped when the Red Men first attacked) but no one else seemed to be of the same opinion. The group was almost all set to repair and head off on the new skiff they had found Edward noticed/remembered they didn’t their loot and decided that they should go retrieve their loot.

Carnage, having dabbled in tracking, was able to determine the direction they came in, but not a whole lot more than that was determined so they took to the trees once more to learn of the Red Men’s approximate locations before setting out. Blix once again took the lead and in short time they were able to make their way to where they had seen some smoke and that was in the direction of the tracks. As they drew close, Blix heard some tribal chanting before and was able to stop the group before getting to close and alerting the savages to their presence. The group was able to make their way so they could see the savage’s ruined location. The stone ruins held a large pool of bubbling red liquid that the group believed might have been blood. At the far end of the pool were a couple of pillars placed on either side of a large statue that stood over 20 feet tall. The statue looked similar to a humanoid ape sitting cross-legged. Gathered around the outside of the pool were 8 similarly dressed savages all following the chant of a single savage. This lead savage seemed to be reciting the chant from memory and had a mystical air about him that resemble that of a witch-doctor or shaman. This shaman was standing between the statue of the monkape and the column on the left. Directly in front of him, next to the edge of the pool, was the captain. Also lined along that end of the pool were 5 other crew-men who were all bound and left kneeling at the edge of the pool unconscious.

The group went about devising a plan on the most effective strategy for tackling the situation or maybe even abandoning it and just heading back now. Before any of them could reach a consensus, Jean-Baptiste stepped out from the trees and into the open field to fire off three bolts in quick succession. This surprised not only the savages but also the players. The bolts all found their marks and were able to take the lives of two of the savages and the third shot, while not deadly, was enough to shake third savage. The group was left but just a few options, leave Jean-Baptiste to his fate or also attack the savages. They couldn’t leave the Frenchman or maybe the loot alone and decided they had no choice but to engage the savages. Guns were fired and characters advanced but in their surprise were unable to deliver deadly blows. In this confusion, the savages Shaman leader shoved the captain into the bubbling red pool of blood. This brought about immediate rumbling and hissing from the pool from which a towing creature looking remarkably similar to the statue emerged. The monkape stepped forward and grabbed a large rock off of the ground from the ruins around the pool which was then used as a club.

This brought uneasiness to the party but Carnage was sure that no matter what, he wanted to take down the shaman. To achieve this goal, he released a charged bolt at the Shaman, and was able to score a minor wound to the savage’s leader. The monkape, now having procured a weapon, made its way toward the closest opponent. The poor, unfortunate soul happened to be Jean-Baptiste, which nearly crumpled when he was delivered a devastating blow from the rock club that caused three wounds. The fight continued with Edward swarmed by a small group of savages that no matter how hard they tried, were unable to hit the experienced fighter. The remaining savages attempted to take out Pol-ariss and Carnage who were gathered together. The shaman, after he finally oriented himself after the he was devastated by the blast of water from Carnage then also attempted to return blast of dark energy to the water mage. The fight continued in this manner, with each side taking minor damage but neither gaining a distinct advantage. The characters were able to keep the monkape stunned after his first devastating attack and slowly whittled down the behemoth’s health until eventually the giant monkape, could stand the damaging attacks of Jean-Baptiste and Blix. Blix was finally brought the 20 foot tall abomination crashing to the ground and the group even delivered enough blows to the shaman that he was just barely on his feet hiding behind the stone pillar. It looked like the tides had swung in favor of the shipwrecked group, but oh how quickly the tides of battle can change. With a killing blow delivered, Edward, who had attempted to make his way past the warm of savages to the giant monkape now decided to double back and crush the severely injured Shaman leader. The already frustrated savages, unable to hit their original target, Edward, decide to head toward the squishier and already slightly damaged Carnage and Pol-ariss. The savages overwhelmed the two in numbers and quickly brought Carnage down. It didn’t then take long before the crab’s hard shell was dented and cracked and Pol-ariss was also brought savagely to the ground. Edward was quick to have moved within range of the Shaman and, using his blunderbuss, he easily blew the few brains out of the Shaman’s head.

Edward, as well as Blix and Jean-Baptiste were unable to make their way in time to help against the leftover savages before their friends were brought to their knees. This turned the tides again, as there once again became a distinct advantage of almost two-to-one in favor of the savages. With their numbers and the confidence having already brought down the crab and water mage, the savages once again used their numbers to assault severely injured Jean-Baptiste and the companion at his side, Blix. The Frenchman and the Doreen traded blows with the savages but the wounded Jean-Baptiste’s swordplay could not manage to keep the assault of savages at bay. A solid hit dropped Jean-Baptiste as Edward was finally able to come to the aid for the last of the savages. The fight looked bleak for the crew for they were still outnumbered, the two of them still having to face four savages.

At this point, the injured Blix and the still unscathed Edward both continue to trade blows with the Red Men in this heated death-match when much to all of the combatant’s surprise, a battle cry rang out and the normally cowardly Stewart made a courageous charge into the fray. Stewart brought his hastily acquired branch down on a savage, who he managed to knock the senses out of. Blix was then able to incapacitate the same savage and Edward was also able to bring home a killing blow, turning the tables yet again on the savages. At this point, the two remaining savages attempted to flee but were shaken by the heroes and unable to flee place any real distance. This left the savages to be easily dispatched and rounds made to see how serious the injuries to the fallen were.

It seems the wounds delivered to Jean-Baptiste and Pol-ariss were too much for their bodies to handle as their bodies lied lifeless on the cold ground. Carnage still had blood flowing through his veins but also had a significant amount of it coming out of a mangled left arm. The arm looked useless now, but at least the wound didn’t look to be permanent.


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