Fifty Fathoms of Adventure

Ghosts and Dingies

From Brigandy Bay to Baltimus

Characters in this Adventure
Edward Marlow played by Sean
Carnage was not it this adventure
Blix by Leo
Spider-Crab played by Gavin
Tuleo “Samson” played by Tommy

The Adventure

Edward decided he would help out the ghost so he changes heading without anyone else on the crew the wiser. They travel most of the night and it isn’t until after dawn, when the captain has to retire to sleep that the rest of the crew learn of their detour. Luckily none of the crew are to unhappy with the change in plans, after all, their cargo won’t spoil this time, so they continue to the location of Iago’s sunken ship.

They arrive at their destination without incident the ghost lets the players know that there is some abnormalities with this water and the surrounding, but that they should be ok for a little while if they allow him to touch them. He has the ability to grant a little protection for a short while after he has touched them so they will be able to survive underwater without the need to breathe. The crew reluctantly agrees, favoring finding the treasure and breathing over keeping rotten ghost hands off of them.

Once each of them is touched, they head cautiously in the direction of the sunken ship but only after having attached rope to Spider-Crab. The other end of the rope is held by Stewart and Senor Miguel. Their cautious decent pays off as they spy 2 sharks, one over twice the size of the other normal-sized man-eater (this was caused by the Uh-oh adventure cared).

The sharks must not have been paying close attention because they do not notice the swimmers as the party stealthily bypasses them. This allows the adventurers to make their way to the sunken vessel where they decide to separate. Edward and Blix make their way to where they believe the captains quarters are located while the crab and the savage head in through a giant hole in the side of the ship. No markings were visible on the outside of the ship to indicate its name or any other information about it.

The crab and the savage enter into the hold of the ship and quickly notice that their cargo was nothing worth looting because it was actually just bones of slaves that were still shackled to the ship walls. There was one peculiarity they noticed when looking at all the bones. This was that on the far side of the ship were the shackled bones of a man that looked to be significantly larger than any average man. Upon closer inspection of the large bones, the two couldn’t find any evidence that the bones were from a Grael or some supernatural creature, they just appeared to be from a very large person. Seeming to be at wit’s end, they leave the thirty bodies of slaves as they are and because any cannons or cannon balls were already rusted, decided to make their way to the Captain’s Cabin as well, the crab by going back out the hole while the savage head through ship.

Meanwhile, Blix and Edward have both made their way to the captain’s quarters and have easily located a tarred sea chest that appears to have been the captains. In this same room, there are also corpses of several crewmembers that lie about the floor, most of their flesh from their bodies devoured by numerous fish.
Edward notices the chest and immediately goes to pick its lock. He easily dispatches the lock, but he decides to leave the chest unopened and then attempts to leave. Edward and Blix notice as they get to the doorway with the chest that the bodies of the dead seem to awaken from their sleep.

Edward immediately stops at the sight of the dead rising but Blix continues outside. Seeing no reaction from the zombies, Edward decides to see if it is the chest, something inside the chest, or him that has caught the zombie’s attention. He decides to open the chest even though he is underwater, lifting the air-tight lid and allowing a torrent of water in. The pressure and sudden onset of the water shreds whatever parchment was kept inside of the chest spreading the confetti-like contents in a cloud around the Dutchman. Still inside the chest laid a little locket.

Edward scoops up the locket and seeing no other objects of value, tosses the chest back to the floor inside of the room and attempts to exit. Of course as luck has it, the zombies do seem to be focused upon the locket and are again ready to lunge for the keeper of the locket. Edward draws his scimitar and dispatches one of the four zombies. The others however are easily able to overpower and shake the captain. After having shaken their target, they are unable to deal any wounds as they continue claw and bite at the shaken target.

At this point some unexpected allies join the fight. Apparently having noticed the group, the two sharks have made their way to munch on the dead and rotting zombies. (This was caused by the adventure card “Here comes the cavalry”) The small man-eater is unable to bring its teeth down on the rotten flesh but gigantic man-eater has no such problems, swallowing a zombie whole. The sight of the sharks seemed to snap Edward out of his stupor and he then brings eternal rest to another of the living dead. The little shark, not to be left without a bite of the unloving flesh, takes a hefty bite out of a zombie.

At this point all but one of the zombies is dead and the last living zombie is located inside of the captain’s cabin with Edward standing in its doorway preventing anyone or anything else from easily attacking it. Due to this, the larger man-eater decides to try its teeth on living flesh, attacking the Doreen but is unable to make contact with the swift Blix.

The zombie that had a bite taken out of it seems to have had another spark of its un-life surface as it gets back to its feet. (Adventure card “Flesh wound” played to bring it back to its feet) Blix, hoping the newly standing meat-pile would keep the sharks attention decides to swim for it. His hope seems to be well placed at least for the moment as the sharks do not pay him any more attention, targeting instead the walking dead. The zombies continue their unsuccessful assault on Edward.

At this point, Samson and Spider-Crab have made their way to the fight as the final zombies are dispatched. Samson waits at the side, assessing the situation before doing anything while the crab rushes headlong into the fight, wrapping his claws, hands and any other appendages he can around the smaller of the sharks. The crab, then having gotten a solid grasp on the sea beast, gives a yank on the rope tied to him to signal he wanted to be pulled up. At this same time, Sean has also decided he should take his leave and swims after Blix, heading toward the ship.
At this point Samson thought he had assessed the situation enough and swims forth to meet the behemoth of a shark who had decided to swim after his captain. He is able to land a strong hit to the oversized man-eater managing to shake this beastly creature. Sean uses this distraction to once again attempt to leave the shark behind. Blix decides to enter the fight again and attacks the gigantic man-eater but is unable to land a decent blow.

The small man-eater is still grabbed by the crab and unable to break free. While being held, the shark has been reeled little by little toward the ship but the progress is slow going. Growing frustrated with the sharks continued struggles, the crab grips down in an attempt to crush the shark. Allowing no mercy (adventure card “No Mercy” used) the crab brings all of his strength to bear crushing the life from the smaller shark. It is at this same time that Edward reaches the ship and gives a mighty yank to the robe. An unbelievable pull skyrockets the crab, still clutching the now dead shark to the top of the water and onto the ship.

The large man-eater is finally able to gather itself and attempts to flee from this less than easy meal. This however was the wrong thing to do as he is shaken once more in its attempt and Samson follows the shaken shark up with a hit gutting it.

Once back on the ship, Edward is immediately beset by the ghost, demanding to know if they had found the locket and that it be given to him, making all sorts of shallow treats. Edward, annoyed by the ghost, contemplated lying and not giving back the locket because of the lies and misleading the ghost had done but decides that he might get rid of the nuisance quicker by giving back the locket. His thoughts appeared to be correct for as soon as he has given the locket to Captain Iago, the ghost thanks the Dutchman as he vanishes from sight.

As the ghost vanishes, Samson breaks the water’s surface and announces “Got the other one,” his first words. The others are slightly shocked but only mildly so, believing he finally figured out the language or else that he was just weird.

The final stretch to Brigandy Bay was short and thankfully uneventful. The cargo and two sharks were sold and a sum of 1000 pieces of eight was paid for the lot. Samson finally introduces himself as well as Tuleo, but the name doesn’t stick. He had waited too long to talk and the name didn’t fit him so Captain Edward announced he was still named Samson.

Samson, either not hearing or not caring about the name then expresses his interest in participating in underground fights. They spend one week resting and gathering information, of which Spider-Crab gains some useful information about such an endeavor (Adventure Card “Spill the Beans”) but ultimately decide they do not have enough capital to invest in such an endeavor at the time for it to be lucrative.

At the end of the week, as they party is finishing their stay, they then look into purchasing further cargo. They still planned on going to New Madrid but due to the length of the trip as well as the lack of profitable commodities, they decided. They still planned on going to New Madrid but due to the length of the trip as well as the lack of profitable commodities, they decided they would first take food to Baltimus, where they would then pick up lumber and continue on to New Madrid. They again look for the best price and even after finding it, they then talk the price down by 5%. Of course the seller had a reason to sell them below a common price and it sure wasn’t because it likes the looks of the party. You see, the food was already older and starting to rot. When purchased, the players had to check if food was already spoiled right of the bat. (Adventure Card “Get a Clue” was played) and the food was not spoiled.

Now having obtained cargo, and fortunately receiving it unspoiled, they party sets sail. They travel for just about four days, making good speed before anything of significance happens. On the fourth day, a dingy is spotted gently rolling on the ocean waves. The captain hoping there might be treasure or something inside but happy even if not for he now had a dingy, sends Blix to investigate.

Blix, after checking the man over, finally decides to bring the man aboard. The man is out of it, mostly unconscious or delirious from lack of food and water. He is given nourishment and before long he is screaming and yelling and cursing like a sailor, or pirate. He settles down some only when he sees the captain. It is learned that the man, James Low, had been attacked by pirates and due to his rash insults, was tossed in a the dingy with only two unloaded pistols, likely the man thinks to help drive him man faster. He has been in the sea for days on end and cannot make head nor tales of the location.

During his entire tale, he had been speaking in English, of which only the captain knew bits and pieces of. This made communication difficult but eventually the story was told. The man’s story indicated that he was new to this land and Edward did his best to have explained to him the new land he was in. James Low thanked the captain for his help and even paid to stay on the ship and be dropped at the next large port for a small sum, a proposition that fit perfectly since the captain was going to a large port. Low then retires below deck to rest and recover from all the shocks he has learned.

The excitement done for the day, the crew continues on their journey to Baltimus and a couple more days pass without incident before the crew now sees a band of pirates battling what appear to be either merchants or privateers in the distance. Edward, having no desire to pit his small vessel against such dangerous odds, skirts the battle and continues on his way without engaging or aiding.

A couple more days pass yet again before yet again another ship is sighted in the distance. Edward cares not what the ship may be for he is intent on his destination so does not try to engage. The other ship however has other plans and pursues. After almost a day, the ship is able to overtake Edward and his crew. It easy to determine that they are privateers and are checking the ships manifests and establishing if it has a super and is legal or not. Equais, who is currently acting as the super, validates the cargo and the crew is soon on its way once again.

No more ships are encountered on their trip to Baltimus but it cannot of course be without incident. As the crew is within sight of the port of Baltimus, they are set upon by creatures the size of seagulls but with ebony-sharp wings and needle-sharp beaks and talons ready to rip and feast upon the flesh of the crew. The swarm of Razor Wings, as the natives of Caribdus call them beset the ship in a massive swarm. The spider crab, quick to notice and act, takes a shot with his musket at the swarm with pinpoint accuracy (Adventure Card “Bulls-eye” was used") that disperses the swarm from one giant mass to two larger swarms. The swarms attack, shaking most of the crew and bringing the Spaniard, Miguel, bleeding and motionless to the ship’s deck.

The Spider-Crab then has another heroic moment as he rallies the crew (Adventure Card “Rally” was used) so he and the others could act and together are able to break the swarms into yet smaller and more manageable swarms. The swarms continue to try to feast on the crew but aren’t able to get past the tough shell of the crab and only manage to shake him from their onslaught. Blix and Samson do not fare so well and both have their blood and bodies feasted on by the flying monstrosities.

The crab continues showing how to take care of the swarms, completely wiping out and dispersing two of the four swarms. Following his example, Edward also brings his scimitar hacking and slashing, taking the wings off more of the foul beasts bringing yet another swarm to defeat and stunning yet another. In all of the madness with the Razor Wings, Samson get shaken, but then manages to unshaken himself and defeat the last of the swarms.

Having weathered the swarms, Blix is able to bandage and heal himself of his wound. Samson however is not as lucky and ends the battle with 3 wounds from the razor wings. The Spaniard is a little battered and bloody but is able to survive the damages to continue sailing with the crew.

The adventure ends with the party making it to their destination Baltimus


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