Fifty Fathoms of Adventure

Off the Island!

A journey to and from Kiera

Characters in this Adventure
Edward Marlow played by Sean
Carnage played by Noah
Blix by Leo
Spider-Crab played by Gavin
“Simon” played by Tommy

The Adventure

The fight has finished and not it is time for the party to try to lick their wounds and plan their next actions. Having the healer already down and out, Edward attempts to heal Carnage but fails. Blix is able to be healed a little but is still wounded some. With the dangers and difficulties the party has already encountered, the bodies of the fallen are left where they are and instead everyone gathers the supplies and cargo as quickly as possible.

While the group is gathering everything, Blix notices a something in a tree a long distance away. The dark multi-legged creature swings down landing easily on the ground. The dark outer appearance of the creature is easily confused for a spider considering it swung down from a tree. Not waiting to listen or assess the creature any, Blix hurls his harpoon at but due to his wounds, misses by a long shot. The creature continues to try to talk, even after the thrown harpoon missed. The creature is now easier to identify because it is out in the open and in the light and continues to try to talk to the group.

No more attacks are made at the creature and as people begin to speak with the creature, now dubbed by Edward as “Spider-Crab”, arguments ensue over what name is more appropriate for other individuals, specifically Blix. It is argued that the captains current name of “fish boy” is not appropriate because Mongrel, the Kehanan, is the more appropriate “fish man/boy” and that it is more appropriate to call him a something like a seal, otter, and even “duck” from the incapacitated Carnage, as well as other miscellaneous aquatic animal names. Edward mutters each of these under his breath to test them out before saying out loud that there is no way it can be any of those; it has to be fish-boy; presumably because none of the others sounded any good to him.

The whole crew, deciding that the “spider-crab” is no threat, but still keeping a careful eye upon him finish with packing up the loot and cargo (as much as they could carry that is) and take it directly to the skiff leaving behind the blood and death before anything else comes to investigate.

Sean takes the lead it directing the way to the skiff and though he is no native to the island, his instincts (or more likely luck) point him in the right direction, much to the surprise of Gavin.

Instructions are given for most of the crew, directed by Stewart to set up the skiff with riggings and finish taking the vines and growth from around it while Edward, Blix and Gavin make their way downstream and to the ruined Rebecca to grab the stuff left there.

On their way, the group notices a figure in the distance on the beach, just looking out at the wreckage. Blix immediately goes into hiding, likely both from his injuries and his desire to be lying in wait should they be set upon by anyone or thing. He does mention that he will help if they get into trouble. Sean and the crab both curious about the single figure and the status of the cargo go to investigate.

As they near, they see a burly fellow that does not meet their expectations of another Red Man, he instead looks like looks human, just very large, well more beefy, but he is undoubtedly human. He remains stoic at the approach of the crab and Dutchman, never saying a word nor going for his weapon, even as the other two keep theirs ready just in case.

Having seen no aggression come from the human, Edward attempts to speak with the individual, noting that the individual glances at the hasty attempt at hiding the gear and supplies on the beach.

“Hi, you lost? You lose your mummy?” Edward asks in the kind of way someone speaks to a child, even if this child happens to be bigger than the captain. As if to explain himself to the crab who had already indicated he thought Edward is kind of crazy, Edward adds “He’s in a diappy”.

Edward’s only response is the continuation of the stoic stare but the captain, unfazed by the blank stare to continues on asking a few more questions.

“Find my shinny cannon?” Edward asks pointing at the cannon that had been attempted to be covered with sand but was still clearly cannon.

The savage finally gives a response not solely based on staring at Edward, but still issues not words, he simply nods. Gavin, apparently not knowing what to say for how Edward is dealing with the situation, much less the complete craziness that they both are exhibiting simply issues a “blink, Blink” from his two bulging eyes as if to check that this wasn’t an illusion.

Edward continues. “Wanna pick it up? Wanna carry it?”

Again, the savage simply nods head to indicate his agreement and again, the crab just stands there, unable to comprehend how such an encounter could happen, yet seeing it first-hand and so once more his bulging eyes just issue the “blink, blink”.

Finally, in an attempt to bribe the savage, the captain pulls out some of the lizard meat. The Savage, as if he didn’t care or had already eaten, pays no attention to the meat.

Edward, not one to be worried when he doesn’t hear the voices of others, introduces with a gesture at the crab and himself as “spider-crab” and “captain”.

Finally both the crab, partly because he felt the situation was safer and partly because he felt maybe another individual would help him keep his sanity with such bizarre behavior, begins to flail wildly to Blix. The Doreen however is completely oblivious and doesn’t notice, so Edward, noticing the crabs, attempts to holler at Blix as well, but still the wounds seem to have dulled his normal senses and he still doesn’t notice.

Ignoring this Doreen’s lack of response, Edward and the crab, grab the gear and supplies to head back to the skiff while the newly friended Savage, who the captain decided to call “Samson”, pulls along the cannons.

The crew still diligently working on the skiff have been able to clear and set up the skiff most of the way by the time the characters return but by this time it is almost dark and so it is decided that resting till tomorrow shall be the best bet. A fire is made by Samson while the crew finishes preparing for dinner and night.

As they finally set watch and the sun finally closes, the crew is set upon by mosquitos. The swarm is so numerous and dense that the crew soon is strewn with bites and to escape, they all race to the stream to jump inside and escape the pests.

Mongrel is content without air so spends the whole night just sleeping at the bottom of the stream, while the rest have to do the best they can to half sleep, half float while staying in the water. Surprisingly enough, everyone but Blix is able to weather the night without incident. Poor Blix though, is fatigued by the endeavor.

In the morning, the slightly sleep deprived crew is able to pull boat into stream and with some amazing boatmanship from Edward the team easily makes their way to the mouth of the stream. At this point, the crab has no idea what to think of the captain. He at first believed he was an idiot but with his luck or skill he is starting to think that maybe he is some kind of savant.
The crew makes their way back to the wreckage where Mongrel and Blix spend 2 hours gathering cannon balls from the waters depths, gathering a total of 12 cannonballs.

Having gathered all they can and wishing to be free of this god-forsaken island, the ship takes to the sea heading to Kiera.

On the second day of their journey a ship is seen in the distance. Edward decides to make for it in hopes of help and aid. For most of the day they follow and attempt to catch-up to the ship. Finally as night was drawing close, they were able to catch up to the boat (a merchant ship). The ship was much larger and could easily outgun the small skiff but that didn’t make them any less weary of their pursuers. After much persuasion, the wounded band aboard the skiff was able to convince the merchant ship to send over their doctor to help with the wounded.

Up to this point, they many injuries that they hadn’t succeeded in healing themselves, so the aid of a doctor was much appreciated.

The doctor happened to be acquainted to Sean who instantly recognized him as “Bones” (Leonard). The doctor was able to stabilize the mage but was unable to heal him any better than that, so he still retained all of his wounds.

Being able to help no further, the ships part each, for their own destination.

They continue on for a few more days and due to the overcrowding of the ship, rations run low and poor Blix, with his wounded body, is fatigued once more from his malnourishment. The rest of the crew is able to bear with the minimal supplies for the short couple of days until they finally are able to make it to their destination.

Finally the party makes it to Kiera but even with their short trip, they still have do not have Lady Luck’s favor as only one of the three holds of (bananas) were able to survive the trip.
The crew separate to find a way to sell their goods and it is the savage who finds a man willing to buy goods from a less than reputable source (the crew lost the super) but the man has no love for this foreigner with no manners. In a bizarre twist of luck (use of adventure card: Turncoat) the savage is able to garner from this individual where to sell the bananas on the black market.
Gathered their fees for their cargo and at the same time being unable to accommodate the entire crew given the small size of the ship, the crew is paid their shares of the profit. Blix, being none-to-key about keeping Mongrel around is quick to make it known that he is not needed while the Twins, as well as the Englishman (John Smith) decide to take their leave. The only two NPCs to remain with the crew were the cowardly but effective Stewart (who it was now decided was an Atani), as well as the Spaniard.

The remaining members of crew stay for just over 2 weeks at town and didn’t suffer any problems during this time. The acting, Edward, secures his position by paying out of his own pocket to repair the skiff during their stay.

Also, during their stay, the crew talked amongst each other and tried and succeeded to remember (common knowledge rolls) the approximate prices of goods here in Kiera compared to the other cities. They don’t remember exact prices, just it tends to be more or less expensive, but sadly they cannot remember at all what the prices of supplies in Brigandy Bay are.

The group actively searches out sellers of goods and through their skills of streetwise and persuasion, they were able to find an amazing price at ten percent below the cost they thought was normal for Kiera. They were only able to afford cargo for two of their three holds, deciding to purchase one hold full of iron and one of gun powder to take to Brigandy Bay.

With the purchase of their cargo, they party heads out. Four uneventful days pass until finally on the 5^th^ day the crew notices a ship in the distance, they identify it as a merchant ship but being uninterested in it; they pass without either side attempting to encounter the other.
A couple more days pass until finally on the eighth day at sea, a wrecked ship is spotted. Blix decides to investigate so jumps over. There he finds still alive and clutched to the wreckage, another Scurillian named Equais. He, being greedy and out of earshot of others, tries to gain monetary value for rescuing the Scurillian but to little success. Even so, the crab-man is rescued and it is learned that Equais had been attacked by sharks. He also goes on to tell them that he used to be a super for the Spanish Guild but that is in his past because now he has been working on charting the water levels around Caribdus. He has noticed while doing this that the water had raised nearly six inches in just the last few months and that if his calculations are correct, then the world is still drowning. He guesses that within 3 years the Free Towns will disappear and within 10 years, all of the world will be underwater. He goes on to say that he doesn’t know how to stop it but if they had it in their hearts to try to stop it, his best guess would be to talk with Tressa the Red. She happens to be the last Arc mage and that she has taken to living in a place called the Teeth and he was lucky enough to have been there once. Of course, they shouldn’t go there without preparing and that would mean they should get a better ship than they currently have. Edward tells Equais he will think about it and they will talk later.

The remaining days at sea are uneventful until they are just a day away from Brigandy Bay.
It just turns night the day before they are likely to reach the town when a fog rolls in making it very difficult to travel. Most of the crew had retired for the evening and the only two still up are Edward and Stewart. The fog seems to carry with it a supernatural component because an involuntary shiver is sent down everybody’s necks, even those who are sleeping.

It is in this fog that a ghost comes forth and shows itself to Stewart. This scares living daylight out of Stewart too scared to scream or do anything as the ghost just points at him and says something to him.

Stewart rushes to tell Edward about this and tells him that there is a female ghost. The captain tries but is unable to get any beneficial information from scared crewman so decides to go investigate the matter for himself.

There he heads below deck to witness the ghost himself. As he heads there, he feels the hairs on his arms rise, whether because he was becoming a little scared or because there was a supernatural component he couldn’t tell. He also started to smell some faint whiffs of decay almost causing him to gag. As if with that smell he gained the distinct feeling of someone standing behind him and so he turns to see a ghastly figure riddled with rotting and torn flesh. Maggots were crawling both under and atop the skin and the gender was hard to determine due to its grotesque features (I actually read it wrong and said it was female when it was actually male, hence the gender confusion that is now part of the story). The figure moans, then croaking in broken English says “I need you. You must help me.”

Edward, not one to be taken as a coward, nor to miss a lucrative opportunity listened as the ghost continues on. He says his name is “Captain Iago Alfonso de Toledo” of the “Black Prince”. He also describes how 3 years ago he and his ship had terrible trouble and they all died of starvation and he threw himself overboard to drown. He has since then been unable to find peace as he needs the locket his wife gave him that went down with his ship. With the locket, he believes his restless days will end. He says he cannot get the locket himself but can lead them to it and that is less than a day’s journey from his current location and that the only thing he wants from the ship is the locket, they may have the cargo and whatever other valuables they find.

The Captain’s decision as well as more adventure is to come with the next post.


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