Tag: Crew


  • John Smith

    John Smith is young, attractive, and a little mysterious. He doesn't talk much about his past which only adds to the mystery. This has attracted the attention of Caras.

  • Mongrel

    Has been a faithful follower of [[:jonas-abraham-2 | Jonas Abraham]] and endlessly curious of him and the rest of the crew from Earth. If the order doesn't make sense or he doesn't understand the reason for the order, he asks why and waits for an answer …

  • Senor Miguel Figuroa

    He is over 50 years old but still able-bodies. Has followed the captains direction well and without complaint.

  • Caras Cath

    She is proud of her masaquani background and very attached to her [[:cais-cath-1 | brother]].

  • Cais Cath

    He is proud of his masaquani background and very attached to his [[:caras-cath | sister]].

  • Stewart

    Stewart is a bit of a coward but is trying to overcome those fears.