Atani are tall, thin, glider-folk with wing-like membranes stretching from their arms to their sides. They have pinkish skin, all colors of hair and eyes, and are as free-spirited as the winds they float upon.

Atani originated in the 200-foot high boughs of carroway trees, once quite common around Caribdus. Unfortunately, carroway are exquisite white hardwoods that were ruthlessly harvested by masaquani. The Kieran Empire in particular conquered many carroway forests, killing their inhabitants for the precious wood to satisfy a long line of greedy emperors.

Before the flood, there were seven great carroway forests left in Caribdus. Now only one remains, Maroa, on the island of Cuwayo. Maroa is a fantastic treetop city that stretches between the boughs of the trees, the lowest now only 30’ above the water. Only atani may live in Maroa, making it and the Kehana Flumes the only two exclusive settlements on Caribdus. The relative wealth of the atani have made others quite jealous. The atani look down upon a crude collection of shanties on the nearby beaches called “Below Town,” where traders wait to buy the precious carroway fruits.

Names: Atani names tend to be graceful, like the atani themselves: Ras Araway, Vana Harran, and Kalas Sonway are all famous heroes of the glider-folk.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  1. Agile: Atani are nimble creatures, and so start with a d6 Agility instead of a d4.
  2. Gliders: Atani can glide with a Climb of –2. On the table-top, they descend 1" vertically for every 2" moved horizontally. They also gain a new Agility-based skill, Flying, at d6. This may be improved normally. A successful Flying roll during a round in which an atani glides allows it to stay level for that round. A raise allows them to climb 1", but sacrifices 2" of horizontal distance. A complete absence of wind ruins the atani’s gliding ability, causing them to drop like stones.
  3. Weak: The atani’s hollow bones make them frail compared to most other races. It costs 2 points to raise their Strength during character creation, and they must dedicate two advances to raise their Strength afterwards.
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