Scurillians are unique among Caribduns, for they are the product of tampering by a kraken archmage named Tal Rathus hundreds of years ago. Rathus captured a number of the giant crabs found on so many of Caribdus’ shores even before the flood and experimented on them with a strange mix of elemental sorcery—and some say dark magic. The creatures gained true sentience and revolted against their creator. Rathus died beneath their snapping pincers, but the “scurillians” were born.

These strange creatures have never been fully accepted by most of Caribdus, but the genius given them by Rathus makes them valuable accountants, scientists, navigators, quartermasters, and even mages. Though most avoid combat, they are wellsuited to it when pressed. In addition to grasping arms, hard shells, and telescopic eyes, they also have two sharp, vice-like pincers.

The crab folk are unsocial creatures and so do not form their own exclusive communities, but rather live in and among others as their work takes them. Scurillians do not couple well either and rarely “marry.” Because of this there are perhaps less than 200 of these creatures in all of Caribdus.

Names: Scurillians have single short names that always end with an “s” sound: Equais, Sachas, Kalsas, Weavas. Scurillians do not have last names.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  1. Pincers (Str+d6): Scurillians use their humanoid arms normally. They may also attack with one or both pincers as well. Attacking with one pincer does not incur a multi-action penalty, no matter what else they do that turn. Attacking with both pincers inflicts a multi-action penalty on both pincer attacks, but has no bearing one way or another on other actions taken that round. In effect, the pincers act as an entirely separate creature. The “claws” are considered ambidextrous as well. If not being used to attack, scurillians add +2 to Strength rolls when grappling due to the vice-like nature of their claws.
  2. Mean: Without fail, a crab-man’s natural state is one of constant irritation. They find others dull and too-easily excitable. Their constant “crabbiness” subtracts 2 from their Charisma.
  3. Keen Mind: Scurillians’ brains are wired to remember details and easily deal with mathematics. They add +2 to any Common Knowledge roll made to remember details of some past event or to any Knowledge roll that requires mathematics or memorization of some sort.
  4. Shell: Scurillians have a hard shell over their torso, adding +3 to their Toughness in that area. They have only 1 point of armor on their arms and legs. Scurillians gain no benefit from other armor (assuming it can even be fitted somehow) unless it is higher than that of their shell. If so, use that armor value instead—they do not “stack.”
  5. Telescopic Eyes: Scurillians gain +2 to Notice rolls made to detect anyone sneaking up behind them, and can peer over cover with little exposure. Targeting an eyeball suffers a –8 penalty. A hit for at least 2 points of damage destroys that eye and makes the crabman blinded and Shaken. Scurillian eyes do grow back after six months (and several molting cycles!).

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