Edward Marlow

Sean's Human Privateer


Name: Edward Marlow
Player: Sean B.


Agility: d8
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d4
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6
Charsma: -1
Pace: 6
Perry: 6
Toughness: 5




Boating (Agility) d6
Fighting (Agility) d8
Healing (Smarts) d4
Swimming (Agility) d4
Shooting (Agility) d6
Knowledge:Masaquani (Smarts) d6
Throwing (Agility) d8
Climbing (Strenth) d8

Gear: TBD


Edward Marlow Human Privateer

Former first mate to Captain Charles Vane. Having survived a mutiny, Vane, Marlow, and a few loyal crewmen captured several small vessels with the intent of recapturing their flagship the “Delicia.” They had made anchor in a small harbor off Hispaniola for the night when an eerie fog rolled in. They heard a young woman crying in the night. The blood drained from Capt. Vane’s face and he headed for land at full sail. Marlow took his small boat into the fog, knowing he was the only one who would, or even could save the distressed woman. Marlow headed into the fog, when he came across an unnatural light. As the fog parted, Marlow saw a young girl kneeling and crying atop the water. He neared the girl, and she looked up with glowing eyes and a stare that bespoke ages. She said something in a language he did not understand with the cracked voice of an old crone. The sea suddenly became choppy, and when Marlow looked back the girl was gone. The seas became more and more fierce as the night went on. The next thing he knew Marlow was in the middle of a gale with the Captain, the ships, and the entire island nowhere in sight. Marlow sailed for days with no land or ships to speak of. To stave off bordome he began conversing with himself, a habit he continues to this day. Finally he came across a ship. The ship, not much larger than his own was manned by three Kehana, though Marlow claims it was five or more. Marlow was able to kill two and wound one pushing the corpses into the sea. Marlow scavenged supplies and navigational equipment and made his way to a human settlement. Two years have passed, and Marlow has made a life for himself in Caribdis as a hired sailor and merchant. While he is still hunted by the Fishman he failed to kill, and has battled him many times, Edward has always come out the better. Marlow is always looking for a new challenge and never shys away from danger.

Edward Marlow

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