This can be either a minor or major Hindrance.

You have an annoying and constant habit of some sort.

Minor Habits irritates those areound you but aren’t dangerous. The hero suffers a -1 Charisma.

Major Habits are a physical or mental addiction of some sort that are debilitating or possibly even deadly. This does include drug use, chronic drinking, or other similar things. A character who doesn’t get their fix must make a Fatigue check every 24 hours thereafter. The first failed roll makes the character Fatigues, and the next Exhausted. The final result is a coma for hard drug use, or a bad case of the shakes for things like alcohol (this is up to the GM to decide). Medical care may ease the symptoms, otherwise the victim must live with the penalties for at least 1d6 days. Afterward, the hero must buy off the Hindrance by sacrificing an opportunity to Advance or he eventually falls back into his dependency.


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