The Red Men of Torath-Ka are savage barbarians who look something like red-tinged neanderthals. They are massive brutes with dirty brown hair and brown eyes and limited intellects. Most are too brutal to put aboard ships with good-hearted crews, but they are sometimes captured and pushed toward their captor’s foes as “shock troops.” Occasionally, Red Men escape and mate with humans or masaquani. The children of these (typically unwilling) pairings are called a variety of things, none of them polite. Half-ugak or— incorrectly—Red Men are the least offensive.

Half-ugaks usually have terrible childhoods. Most who survive are raised in secret by their parents or sold into slavery from an early age. Such rearing does little to improve their natural hostility. Pirates and privateers alike find half-ugaks fantastic crewmen. They are simple enough to obey orders yet barbaric enough to terrify many foes before a shot is fired or an axe is swung.

Ugak Raids

A few years before the flood, ugak raids against southwestern Ograpog dramatically increased. A large number of half-ugaks resulted from this period. King Amemnus chased the Red Men back to their jungle highlands (now Torath- Ka), but a number of newborn half-breeds were left in the path of this brutal campaign.

Names: Half-ugaks have single, short names such as Ug, Lak, or Tonga if they were raised by Red Men. It is considered rude to give a halfugak a masaquani family name, but a few brave souls have done so regardless.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  1. All Thumbs: Half-ugaks do not easily understand complex devices, including clocks, crossbows, cannons, pistols, and the like. They suffer a –2 penalty when using such contraptions.
  2. Clueless: Half-ugaks are not worldly creatures. They may ignore this penalty only when checking for common “survival” type skills, such as where to find shelter, whether or not a particular food item is poisonous, and so on.
  3. Dumb: Half-ugak brains are less developed than most. It costs 2 points to raise their Smarts during character creation, and they must dedicate two advances to raise their Smarts afterwards.
  4. Outsider: Half-ugaks are universally reviled or at least shunned by other races as savages. They suffer –2 to Charisma.
  5. Strong: Red Men are strong, as are their halfbreed children. They start with a d6 Strength instead of a d4. • Tough: Half-ugaks are hearty souls. They begin play with a d6 Vigor instead of a d4.
  6. Tough as Nails: Half-ugak player characters begin play with the Tough as Nails Edge

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