Kehana are fish-like humanoids who originated in Caribdus’ seas long before she was flooded by the Sea Hags. Kehana have many colors, much like the fish from which they ascended. Most are gray, blue, or deep red in color, though some are jet black and others have vibrant stripes or spots of yellow or green. All have short fins that run from their brows to the small of their backs, and this can be many different colors as well. Sharp teeth and fish-like eyes are their most prominent facial features. The “fish men,” as visitors call them, can breathe in both air and water with little difficulty. They tend to dry out quickly, however, and die if denied hydration.

Kehana hunt in packs, cruelly toying with their prey before finally devouring it “raw and wiggling.” Scholars who try to claim that kehana are just a different culture are dead wrong—as a race they really are cruel and callous, even to their own. The most famous example of their cruelty occurred when the last of the doreen swam to their flumes and asked for shelter. The kehana feasted on the gray folk for days, then chased the survivors south until they were finally overtaken or escaped.

Kehana heroes are those who have left their race to join the surface world. They have grown tired of the water-world, or perhaps have even decided the fish-folk are backward savages. These self-appointed exiles want to be more like the surface races—particularly humans and masaquani. They tend to wear fancy clothes (though often inappropriately) and spend their Booty on the trappings of what they consider “civilization.”

Names: Kehana have burbling names that are unpronounceable to others. They rarely rename themselves, but are often given names by others— usually visitors who delight in giving them inappropriate monikers. Reginald , Red Stripe , Harold, and so on have all graced the fish men.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

  1. Aquatic: Kehana have webbed fingers and toes, and can move at their full Swimming skill while in water (–2" per load limit penalty). They may speak underwater as well. Kehana begin play with a free d6 in Swimming.
  2. Dehydration: Kehana must immerse themselves in water (salt or fresh) at least one hour out of every 24. Those who don’t are automatically Fatigued each day until they are Incapacitated. The day after that, they perish. Most kehana simply jump in the ocean and drink of the sea around them to avoid this fate.
  3. Habit (Unwholesome Appetite): Kehana prefer to consume their food live—"raw and wiggling," as they say. Atani, humans, masaquani and the more civilized races find this disgusting. The fish men suffer –2 to their Charisma, except among other kehana.
  4. Racial Enemy: Kehana hate doreen and vice-versa. Kehana societies hunt the weak “gray folk” relentlessly and inflict grotesque tortures upon them. Kehana suffer a –4 Charisma penalty when dealing with doreen.
  5. Teeth and Claws: Kehana have sharp teeth and claws. They can attack with either as a standard Fighting attack for Str+d4 damage.

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