Character Creation

You have a lot of options available to you for creating your character. The basic rules are the same for any savage world’s character and can be found in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book.

The following are the steps you need to take to create your character.

  1. Choose a race. The available races for this setting are as follows.

  2. Choose traits. This doesn’t deviate from normal character creation as described in Savage Worlds Deluxe. All characters start with 5 attribute points, as normal, to place into whatever attributes you want. You also have 15 skill points, as normal, to do with as you like.

    The skills are the same as listed in Savage Worlds Deluxe except piloting is omitted because there are no aircraft available. Don’t forget that if you take knowledge, you have to focus on a specialty like biology, language, navigation, etc.

    The natural language of Caribdus is masaquani. All characters who have been in Caribdus for at least 6 months automatically can read, write, and speak the language as if they had a d6 in the language. There are also other languages in Caribdus spoken by the Kehanans and Krakens which can be purchased as per the language skill rules, unless you are that race, in which case you have both masaquani and the native race’s language for free.

    Navigation qualifies you to become a Navigator (and possibly get the extra salary). A character must have at least a d4 in Knowledge: Navigation. Navigation cannot be made as an Untrained roll. The Navigator allows a ship to check if has gone off course. If the Captain fails his Boating roll, the Navigator makes a Knowledge: Navigation roll to correct the error. If the Navigator rolls a success, the
    ship only travels one square in a random direction instead of the entire day’s move. If the Navigator rolls a raise, the ship moves as it was intended. There is a penalty to navigating without the proper tools (I will expand on this in the future). Further, if either a success (with proper tools) or a raise is rolled (without the tools) the navigator knows exactly where the ship is.

  3. Choose Hindrances and the associated benefits. The point system associated with this is still the same but there are some additional options available as well. The first is what the setting calls Heroism which just allows you to choose any one seasoned Edge as long as all of the requirements for it are met. This can only be taken once. The second option available is what I found and was called by some as The Weathered Sea Dog edge. This allows you to start with more experience but has a price to be determined by fate (a deck of cards). Click on it to learn more about it.

  4. Choose gear, this will be either be done when we first get together or I might place something up here at a later date, but currently I am not going to. The gear are slightly differently priced with different thing available that what is found in Savage Worlds Deluxe.

  5. Derive your secondary statistics. These are Charisma, Pace, Parry, and Toughness and they are calculated as indicated in Savage Worlds Deluxe.

  6. Create your background. This is optional but encouraged as it adds a lot to the game and I will be sure to make it possible to explore the backgrounds further and/or use them to help make the world more engrossing for the character.

Character Creation

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