Ship Combat

The rolling seas are vast bodies that allow for extensive sight ranges. Because of this it will often be that unless the weather is poor, you can spot a vessel clear off in the distance and still be miles apart. This coupled with the relatively slower-moving vehicles and lack of modern radar and communication will allow an attempt to escape/engage the other party.

The attempt to escape/engage will be assumed for convenience sake to take approximately 8 hours for most instances and is outlined as such…

  1. Notice rolls are rolled for each party (only if they have a lookout role designated.
    • If both do not notice, then they continue on their current path and if their paths bring them closer together or keep them the same distance, then another notice check will be made, otherwise, they pass each-other none-the-wiser. (This is DM’s determination)
    • If only one party succeeds in the notice role, they gain a circumstantial bonus to their boating roll and continue to the next step.
    • If both parties succeed on their notice rolls, not bonus is given and continue onto the next step.

  2. Aware parties then make boating rolls applying modifiers as listed below. An unaware party continues on their current path, therefore using the boating roll made fore that day. The modifiers to the boating roll are…
    • The base boating roll as rolled by the captain.
    • Modified based off the average boating skill of the crew.

      d4- 1 modifier
      d6no modifier
      d8+ 1 modifier
      d10+ 2 modifier
      d12+ 3 modifier
    • A bonus equivalent to the ships travel speed for the day (modified by the use of any relics and magic. If the navigator succeeds on his navigation roll (without a raise) and therefore stops the boat after only moving it a single square, decrease the ship’s travel speed for the day by 1 (minimum of 1).
    • If there is >50% more sailors than the needed, normal crew, add +1 to the boating roll (this is true for all boating rolls).

  3. Compare the results of the parties modified boating rolls.
    • If the persuer wins with a raise, the ships become engaged.
    • If the target wins with a raise, they have escaped.
    • All other results result in no change in distance and the steps are repeated (notice checks being rolled only for parties that have not yet succeeded in a notice check).

Ship Combat

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